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New Certified Communicators in Public Health Named. See News Highlight Below...

Does your immunization manager need media training?
Members of NPHIC's Immunization Committee will be providing a pre-conference media training session at the National Conference on Immunization and Health Coalitions, May 21-23, in Seattle. The training will cover such topics as how to work with the news media to communicate health information; how to use best practices and research-based methods to develop effective messages; and how to use risk communication to frame vaccine/immunization-related information and conduct effective interviews. Click here for more information about the media training session and conference.
Briefing set on undiagnosed hepatitis C among young
The National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD) and others have scheduled a briefing on undiagnosed hepatitis C among young persons who inject drugs. It's set for Thursday, April 24, from 11:30 a.m. ? 1 p.m. Nearly 4 million people are living with hepatitis C in the U.S., and up to 75% are undiagnosed and unaware of their infection. Most new hep-C infections involve those who inject drugs. Several states have reported increases in hep-C among adolescent and young persons who inject drugs. These include Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington and West Virginia. You may register here.
7 statistics to boost your Facebook engagement
This excellent infographic shares a few pointers to help boost your Facebook engagement. The pointers range from the two best days to post to the use of photos and emoticons.
Sylvia Mathews Burwell
Burwell to replace Sebelius as HHS Secretary
Pending Senate confirmation, Sylvia Mathews Burwell will replace Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of Health & Human Services. Sebelius tendered her resignation last week and President Obama named Burwell as her successor. Burwell, 48 and a Harvard graduate, currently directs the White House Office of Management and the Budget (OMB). Before joining the Obama administration, she was president of the charitable Walmart Foundation and previously served as president of Global Development for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which finances global health and poverty-eradication programs. During the Clinton administration she served in several positions including deputy director of OMB. Her Wikipedia bio is here.
Foster Farms salmonella outbreak rages on
The outbreak of salmonella Heidelberg linked to Foster Farms chicken that began more than a year ago is continuing. CDC reports that as of April 7, there have been 524 cases in 25 states, including 43 cases since the last update on March 3. The majority of all cases have occurred in California. The outbreak's initial cases were reported in March 2013. CDC's update is here and an LA Times report is here.
Study: Aerobics aids the aging brain
Doing aerobic exercise twice a week for 26 weeks significantly increased the volume of older women's hippocampi?the region of the brain associated with memory, according to a new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Researchers from Canada and the Netherlands assigned 86 women between ages 70 and 80 to an aerobic training, resistance training, or balance and tome training regimen (the latter being the control group).The group doing aerobic exercise had significantly increased hippocampal volume compared with the other two groups. Here's an article in The Atlantic.
12 unforgivable writing mistakes
We all make mistakes, but there are some that writers should never make. The occasional typo can be brushed off as an innocent oversight, but here are 12 unforgivable blunders that will ruin your credibility as a writer.

Events sought for Hepatitis Testing Day
CDC's National Prevention Information Network is looking events planned for Hepatitis Testing Day, which is May 19. If you are hosting an event, please register your event here. Once events are registered people can search for testing events in their area by entering their zip code. You can promote the event page by featuring one of two different buttons on your site, so that others can register their events and your constituents can find testing events near them. Buttons, posters and other materials are here.
Public health groups urge Keystone health study
The American Public Health Association and the National Association of County and City Health Officials said in a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry that they're supporting an effort by Sens. Barbara Boxer and Sheldon Whitehouse calling for a study of the health consequences of the Keystone XL pipeline. "There is an increasing recognition that the environments in which people live, work, learn and play have a tremendous impact on their health," stated the letter. "The administration will certainly benefit by having a clear understanding of how the proposed Keystone XL pipeline could impact the public's health, including the health of our most vulnerable citizens." Here's the letter.
Study: Veggies as teen may aid adult breast health
Teenage girls who ate the most fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids were less likely to get benign breast disease as young adults, a new study published in Pediatrics suggests. Carotenoids are a group of pigments that typically produce an orange, red or dark green color that have antioxidant properties. The study involved 6,593 girls. The odds of benign breast disease of those who ate the most beta carotene were about half that of those who consumed the least. Study abstract here and Reuters report here.
13 tips for starting and maintaining a blog
People have a mistaken idea that successful blogging is some mystical voodoo. It's not. What then is the secret to launching and maintaining a successful blog? Blogging experts offered these 13 tips.
job target image11
New opportunities on NPHIC jobs board
New opportunities in Arkansas, California, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, Ohio and Pennsylvania have been posted on NPHIC's career opportunities site for members. Check them out here.
NPHIC Upgrading Phone Services
NPHIC moves to a new phone system Thursday April 10, beginning at 11:30 a.m. EDT. We have worked diligently to minimize any impact to our members. Our main phone, fax and toll-free numbers remain the same, but we will no longer use extensions. Staff now have direct telephone numbers. They are listed on the NPHIC website under ABOUT US / Staff. You also may depress 1 on your telephone key pad to access a staff directory; then use your telephone keypad to spell the staff person's first name. The system will look up the name and transfer you. Press 2 on your telephone keypad to leave a message in our general voicemail box. Thank you in advance for your patience while we go through this upgrade!
Anti-vaccine movement giving diseases second life
USA Today ran this excellent video and article by Yamiche Alcindor about how the anti-vaccine movement is bringing back diseases once thought eliminated in the U.S. The powerful video includes personal accounts of the death of a baby due to the lack of a parent's TDAP booster shot and of an unvaccinated child's 14-day coma and loss of both arms due to meningitis.
NPHIC jump-starts Facebook page
NPHIC began filling its Facebook page with content this month week. So get on board, "like" us, and sign up as a "friend." Our Facebook page is here. See you there!
Are you missing some sweet tweets?
What? You’re not following NPHIC on Twitter? Well, let’s get in gear and join our growing list of followers. You can get on board here.
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Looking for a job in #publichealth #communications? See News Highlight on jobs board at
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Year-long Foster Farms salmonella outbreak is continuing unabated.
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